2017 Batizado


Canto do Galo – Denver/Boulder

May 18 – 21

UCA Participants – registration fee is FREE/$20/$40/$60 (see below)

Visiting Teachers:

Mestre Calango : UCA
Mestre Recruta : UCA Hayward
Mestre Lucas Corvo : Capoeira Canavial : Ft. Collins, CO
Contramestre Pincel : UCA Berkeley : Berkeley, CA
Professora Cocada : UCA Berkeley : Berkeley, CA

Event Schedule (details subject to change)

Friday 5/19
•3:15 meet at la Academia
•3:30-5 workshops for tweens and up (CDG/La Academia/Park)
•6:30-8:30 Roda-Thon for Projeto Kirimurê
•8:30 dinner
Saturday 5/20
•9:15 adults, teens & tweens meet at La Academia
•9:30 guest registration & music prep for “electives”
•10-10:45 “electives” for tweens and up – samba or maculele
•11-12:15 kids capoeira workshops at CDG Studio
•11-12:15 adult & teen capoeira workshops (La Academia/Park)
•Roda until 1 at La Academia
•3:00 Batizado setup at La Academia & guest registration
•3:30 Batizado ceremony & open roda


UCA costs:

FREE if $100 raised or donated to Roda-thon (create your fundraising page here)
$20 for Graduados and Formandos
$40 for all others if paid online by May 10th
$50 upon arrival

Local capoeirista costs:

(this year only – crazy-cheap!)
FREE (full weekend) if $100 raised or donated to Roda-thon (create your fundraising page here)
$50 for full weekend (Friday-Sunday)
$20 for any single event (rodathon-workshops-batizado)
*event t-shirt availability is not guaranteed

Fill out the Batizado Registration Form below and…

UCA Graduados and Formandos pay here
Other UCA students pay here
Locals and non-UCA students pay here

(*= required information)

First Name*

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*Please note, your registration will not be complete until you pay online via appropriate link above



Terms & Conditions


I/We am/are solely responsible for all actions and results thereof due to my / my child’s participation in the Batizado weekend, June 5-8, 2014.  Studio Bahia, LLC dba. Capoeira Canto do Galo, the United Capoeira Association, 910 Arts and/or Denver Inner City Parish are not responsible for any personal injury or loss of personal property.