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Canto do Galo

Under the direction of Mestre Galo – who is one of few non-Brazilian capoeira mestres (masters) in the world – Canto do Galo (“The Rooster’s Crow”) has been sharing the rich traditions of Capoeira throughout the Front Range since the mid-90′s. Denver- /Boulder-based, Canto do Galo is proud to be a member of the United Capoeira Association. The UCA is a diverse family of Capoeira schools in the United States and Brazil, operating under the guidance of world-renowned capoeira pioneer and living legend, Mestre Acordeon.

United Capoeira Association

The UCA (United Capoeira Association) was born in the vision of Mestre Acordeon and Mestre Rã to create an organization where they could work together with similar philosophical ideals and yet preserve their own identities. Some of their American students then began teaching capoeira in different locations under the umbrella of UCA. As many capoeiristas and capoeira schools have embraced the system of “groups” as the paradigm of a capoeira organization, this strategy has proven to be very positive for the growth and survival of capoeira.

However, Mestre Acordeon is learned from a time when the concept of “group” was yet to be developed; therefore, UCA is not a group as understood in the capoeira context nor is it interested in many “chapters.” UCA strives to be a community of students which appreciates and respects the collective work developing for all capoeira tendencies and approaches in Brazil and beyond.

Mestre Acordeon

Ubirajara Almeida, student of legendary Mestre Bimba, is an author, musician, and historian. One of the pioneers to bring Capoeira to the western United States in early 1980’s. Today Mestre Acordeon has established the United Capoeira Association with schools in numerous states and Mexico.

Mestre Rã

Cassio Marthino has been playing capoeira for over 30 years, and trained under many Mestres throughout Brasil, including Mestre Tarzan, Mestre Galo, and Mestre Suassuna. Mestre Rã has performed and taught all over the world. Currently, Mestre Rã works with Mestre Acordeon while also running his own school for at risk children in Jundiai, São Paulo, Brasil.

Mestra Suelly

Suellen Einarsen, the first American woman to earn the title of mestre, has played a vital role for women in Capoeira. She began her career in capoeira in 1982, as a part of Mestre Acordeon’s first generation of students in the U.S. Mestra Suelly has been interviewed by numerous journalists in an effort to expand awareness of capoeira here in the United States.

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