Capoeira took its shape in the bubbling cauldron of Brazil. Its roots trace from the African peoples enslaved there dating from the early 1500’s. As a dynamic expression of Afro-Brazilian culture, its own evolution is testimony to the creative adaptability and will to survive of its people and culture. Still evolving, Capoeira has been spreading worldwide in recent decades. It provides a rare modern format to bring together our best human resources: music, vigorous physical interaction, playfulness, community structure, and creativity…….to develop problem-solving capabilities, confidence, and respectfulness in the ‘un-balance-ing’ conditions we are often in.

Beyond being a “martial art”, Capoeira is an art of Life.

Capoeira is played in a roda (circle) of people that includes several members playing various percussion instruments. Driven by soulful songs and rhythms of diverse intensity, two capoeiristas at a time engage in a spirited dialogue of body and wit. Nonstop attacks, defenses, counterattacks, and transitions suggest a fight while the mood is generally playful. The strategies rely on timing and trickery as much as agility, speed and strength. Ritualized aspects of the art and personal expression also add to the ongoing pulse of the roda.

Terms & Conditions


I/We am/are solely responsible for all actions and results thereof due to my / my child’s participation in the Batizado weekend, June 5-8, 2014.  Studio Bahia, LLC dba. Capoeira Canto do Galo, the United Capoeira Association, 910 Arts and/or Denver Inner City Parish are not responsible for any personal injury or loss of personal property.